5 Songs of True Happiness
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What is "true happiness" anyway? To explain the concept  I have written this collection of short stories. Hopefully, the stories will explain the concept.

The idea came to me one afternoon as I was driving down the road--we seem to be driving down the road so very much these days.
    "Hey!", I said to my self, "That song sounds very familiar. I wonder were I have heard that song before?"
    Just then a whole string of memories came flooding back to me. Things that I hadn't thought of for a very long time filled my mind. Memories that actually sent a chill down my neck, made me week in the knees, and light in the head.
    "What the hell?," I muttered to the empty vehicle, as thoughts of far away places flooded my mind. As the song on the radio played I remember that,  "Man that was a time in my life!"

Hope you enjoy the 2 stories that I have posted. The other 3 will follow soon.