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Life threatening ascents of Mt Everest, harrowing crossings of the Serengeti, treacherous encounters with anacondas in the Amazon represent peak adventure and experience for many travelers.  We, on the other hand, have found ourselves aghast, amazed and astounded at another level while traveling into remote realms of the same areas.  We take on the events as a team -- a man and a woman -- a couple no less, married and approaching our "senior years".  We find ourselves comfortable at the foot of Everest looking up, talking to others who are planning to climb or who have just climbed down.  We share our coffee with them.  In our books "A Man and a Woman on Vacation" series  we have taken the two-day trek, not the two month one, we have negotiated the edge of the forest instead of the heart of it.  We have been pursued by hoards of school children, not prides of man-eating Sumatran tigers.  And we have remained married.

Our tale of adventure is designed for the armchair traveler of any age who thinks of traveling but knows s/he is not the future cover photo for Outside or Rock & Ice.  It is for the couple traveling, who gets lost taking directions in their own language from the convenience store sales clerk on how to get to the Interstate highway only blocks from where they are, and then quarrels over what has been heard as two completely different sets of directions.  Our tale is for the crowd over 50 that still wants to try adventure or at least think about it.  It is also for the children of those same adventurers who wonder what their parents do when they are not earning money for children's college or baby-sitting grandchildren.  It is for those who love their spouse and are still astounded at how that person can have been a part of our life for so long and still see things so completely differently.  

Written in different text types, the journals have been interspersed with each other as was done in GRACE AND GRIT by Ken Wilbur and Treya Williams.  As MEN ARE FROM MARS / WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS reflects popularly on the difference in observation, thought and expression between men and women, our journals present and reflect on and these differences practically, without describing them directly.

Hope you enjoy our stories.

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Kim and Peter