I’m Home Now 😎

Pipe Creek, TX


I would like to thank everyone who followed along with me on my blog. Thank you for your comments and likes. They made all of the difference in the world to me. It was a perfect trip! Lots of adventures, and a lot of great photos. Hope that you all enjoyed it?

Happy trails til the next time, and always remember that, as John Steinbeck says in “Travels With Charley”, “You don’t take a trip. A trip takes you.”

Ocotillo blooming.

12 responses to “I’m Home Now 😎

  1. We did enjoy it! It brought back memories of our trip to Big Bend which we thoroughly enjoyed as well. I guess solitude and natural beauty is what we all like! Our guess is you’ll be going to weekend art shows from now on.

    John & Pinky

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