All Good Things Must Come to an End

Big Bend National Park
Río Grande Campground
I am finally retiring my Giant John Tomac Team Edition mountain bike. It was given to me by my nephew Derek over 15 years ago and I have had many many happy memories riding it in some of the most remote parts of the US, but all good things must come to an end.

Giant John Tomac Team Edition Mountain Bike

Kim helped a lady put her life back together. She had a stroke over a year ago and Kim was indeed her angle of mercy. For the very small part that I played in helping, I was given her son’s , who passed away several years ago, his KHS XC-20 mountain bike. If I have half the fun I had on Giant I will be one happy camper.


2022 on Our Way to Big Bend. What, again?

Kim and I, and our new friend Nikki are off to an other adventure in Big Bend National Park. “What,” you ask, “weren’t you just there last year. “ Yes, we have been there more times than I can count on two hands, but we just love this place. Hopefully I we be able to post some incredible photos, and Kim will be able to paint some incredible landscapes, and Nikki, well I think that she will just be happy to be with us.

On our way to Big Bend Ranch State Park

Amistad Reservoir Park
We drove the short 3 hour drive in the record time of about 6 hours, and so we arrived at our lovely camping spot along Lake Amistad. We now have our dog Nikki who is an extra addition to our family, and she required extra stops something we are only to happy to accommodate.

Ah, a girl and her dog on an adventure

It is a first come first served kinda camping spot so we didn’t want to arrive to late and find all of the spots already taken.
It was a mellow drive and a mellow evening for our first night in a realitively new popup.

Night falls in Amestad

The next morning we woke up to some dense fog that made for some spectacular views especially of the Pecos River Bridge.

Pecos River in the fog

Tomorrow we should be in Big Bend Ranch State Park!

I am Selling a Lot of Stuff

May 1979

I had an awful lot of, mostly junk, for sale in the back of my rusted pickup truck. I had no idea how, or even if, anyone was going to want to buy any of it. I needn’t have worried, because at my very first stop in Mexico, I pulled into the town square, lowered the back tailgate, and started putting things out. I was almost instantly mobbed with towns people wanting to know what this strange long-hared gringo was selling.

The buying crowd just kept getting bigger & bigger.

After several hundred dollars in sales I was beginning to get nervous. The crowd was getting larger by the minute, and now a local policeman was making serious inquiries as to how much a broken can opener cost! He really wanted that can opener! With great difficulty, I closed up shop, and moved on to the next small pueblo.

That’s me happy as a…….?

This time I was more careful. I did not bring everything out at the same time. It worked, and in no time at all I had made another few hundred dollars. Getting more bold, I went to a local machine shop to see if they were interested in any of the broken tools that I had brought. To my surprise the owner wanted to buy the whole lot. Once again, I only sold him a few items, and then moved on. You see, at this point I really had no idea what anything was worth so my idea was to move slowly until I had a better feel.

Soon I had almost everything sold, but, because of laws, I could not sell the pickup in Mexico. For that last sale, I had to go down to Guatemala where the restrictions were much, well, non existent. I met a nice family, whose daughter I briefly dated. Then another family approached me with an offer to buy the pickup. The price was much less than I was hoping for, but they were so sweet that I made the cash deal anyway.

My new girl friend Maria’s family

With over $3500 in cash I took a bus north to Guadalajara, Mexico. With my new found wealth I now had to decide just what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. You guessed it. I now need another PLAN!

I needed a new PLAN!