Trip is coming to an end

Newport, OR

2018-06-17 Sunday

Our car camping trip is coming to an end. We are spending the last few nights in a Budget hotel in Newport Oregon. While we are not on the coast we are just a few blocks from it.

Last night we had a fabulous diner in a restaurant overlooking the beach and the setting sun. Afterwards, we got ice cream cones and took a short walk on the still very cold beach. The walk was short lived.

Sea lions are still a big hit with us.

Before we got to Newport we visited the Devils Churn for some world class wave action. This family got a little too close and would be soaked in a few minutes.

Let’s not forget that pot is legal in Oregon so, as you would expect, there are many outlets. I kinda look like a narc, don’t I?

This is Some Coast!

Newport, Oregon

2018-06-16 Saturday

This has been quite some trip. I would have to say that the Oregon coast has so much to see that Kim an I are constantly saying to each other that this must be the most fabulous view/place on the trip, but of course it never is. It just keeps getting better and better.

I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised that there are seals everywhere–but I am.

The cold 40 mile per hour north winds made for some interesting blowing sand on the Oregon Sand Dunes National Park.

I bet that you knew that in all that desolation I would find some beach driftwood to photograph.

How about a foggy, rainy morning barn? Nice, eh?

And finally a great, great walk through a park with 11 waterfalls!!!

This place is truly a paradise on earth. Now if it would just warm up a bit it would be perfect.

Ok, I can’t help myself. One more photo of an old stair way into an abandoned lighthouse.

Driftwood Art

Bullards Beach State Park


I thought that I would share some of the driftwood photographs that I have been working on. I wish I had my computer to get them just perfect, but for now my iPhone will have to suffice. Driftwood art can take many forms. Here are a few examples.

Here is an example using it as a driftwood frame. That’s Jack, one of my photo buddies who stopped by on his way to Alaska.

And that’s my lovely wife Kim trying to act like a piece of driftwood. Pretty convincing, huh?

This is one of my favorite pieces of driftwood. It looks great in black and white.

OK, how about just one more.

And I promise, this IS the last one…. at least for today!!!