And now the End

2018-02-27, Tuesday

And now the trip has come to an end and we must make our way back to the “civilized” world. It was a wonderful relaxing trip filled with good friends. Some old and some new. The weather was perfect and so was the scenery. We cooked at our cabana and we went out for our meals. We walked on the beach and we took colectivos, group taxis, for longer distances. We attended 2 parties and even threw one of our own. In the end it was a great trip!

Here is Kim enjoying a nice candlelight dinner on the beach. I think it was delicious Italian pizza!

And here is a bad shot of our party at El Nido, as our cabana was called. It went on til midnight and there was lots of mezcal.

And there were lots and lots of steps everywhere.

Not very good swimming but pretty good surfing, or so I’m told.

This could have been our plane home but I think it was just a plane that doesn’t do too well so it looks like they turned it into a work of art.

And here is our Huatulco Airport complete with, what else, mezcal plants. Lot and lots of them.

Miscellaneous Beach

2017-02-24, Saturday

How about just a few miscellaneous beach photos? As you can imagine I have quite a few. Here are some of my favorites.

This mornings walk on the beach

Birds watching the world go by.

Beach where I spotted my first family of killer whales.

Great fun just watching the waves pound the rocks.

Would it be all complete without a sunset photo? This one is from a beach party we went to last night.

La Ventanilla Ecotourism Center

2018-02-23, Friday

Yesterday we went early in the morning to the La Ventanilla Ecotourism Center for the preservation of the mangroves and animals. There we took both a hiking and walking tour. We got to spend some up close and personal time with some of the animals.

Sometimes we were a little too close and our guide had to keep asking us to step back. He reminded us, on more than one occasion, that this was not a zoo, and yes the animals do bite!

During the boat part of he tour we saw some very lovely wildlife.


And some were just plain interesting. For example this pile of babies.

Or this cool iguana.

It was a hot but worthwhile tour.

Reserva Punta Cometa walk

2018-2-21, Tuesday

Yesterday we went for a fabulous walk through the National Park Punta Cometa. The rocky trail started right in the small beach town of Mazunte, wound around the park and finished back at the town.

The views as you would expect were just stunning.

After we finished our hike we stopped at a little beach to have some Mexican mescal and dinner.

We finished the evening by watching a spectacular sunset.