I’m Home Now 😎

Pipe Creek, TX


I would like to thank everyone who followed along with me on my blog. Thank you for your comments and likes. They made all of the difference in the world to me. It was a perfect trip! Lots of adventures, and a lot of great photos. Hope that you all enjoyed it?

Happy trails til the next time, and always remember that, as John Steinbeck says in “Travels With Charley”, “You don’t take a trip. A trip takes you.”

Ocotillo blooming.

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Alpine, TX

Lost Alaskan RV Park


So now I am on my way home. Besides I really really needed a shower before coming back into contact with humans.

I drove west out of the park on Hwy FM 170 toward the town of Presidio. Considered by many to be one of the 10 most beautiful drives in the USA. It did not disappoint.

The views were simply stunning

I made several stops along the way. The first was a walk into the Closed Canyon. I had the place all to myself so as the canyon got narrower there was a kind of eerie, mystical and quiet beauty to the hike.

From there I went on to the Hoodoos. A free form hike among the giant monoliths.

An now I am back in civilization. I drove north to Marfa–the California of the Southwest- with its trendy cafes and art stores, but I was not ready to socially roam, so I headed onto Alpine where I found a nice quite out of the way RV Park with a warm shower and WiFi.

Ah Civilization! I have mixed feelings about it. Sometimes I think that I should have been born in the 1800’s to roam the earth like Mark Twain did, only with a digital camera and a computer and my music player and my iPhone and……….

Thanks for traveling along with me.


Big Bend State Ranch

Lower Madura Campground


I arrived yesterday afternoon and this couldn’t have been more what I was looking for! There are 12 primitive campsites without utilities and NO other campers. I have had the place to myself for 3 days. I have gone for walks and mountain bike rides. Discovered abandoned ranch houses, walked along the Rio Grande River AND surprise surprise they allow campfires here. There is a burn ban in effect for all of the surrounding counties but not in the State Ranch. So I had a wonderful fire on my first night that was cut short by a few desert sprinkles, which have only helped the 3 foot tall Big Bend bluebonnets start to grow. They are everywhere, but mostly along the roads. I wish that I could stay a week instead of 3 nights. I am sure that it will be a spectacular year for wildflowers.

The Big Bend bluebonnets are everywhere

A fire and a hardy meal. Can you beat it?

Last night I looked at the calendar and saw that the Milky Way would be visible from 5:30 am to 6:30. I told myself if I got up I would try to photograph it. Of course I got up at 5:25, looked at the temperature, and it was 35 degrees outside. Still a promise is a promise so I turned on my new heater, dressed warm and went outside. I think that the cold had scared away the clouds, because there was not a one in the sky. It is early on the season for the Milky Way, but I had great fun trying. When I was done a warm van and a cup of hot coffee was waiting.

A clear dark sky, and a shooting star too.

For my last day I drove down the road the to the hike/bike Contrabando Trail. It was hot and sunny with a cool breeze blowing. The views were stunning, but by the time I got back to camp I was so tuckered our that I laid down and took a nap. Don’t judge me!

That’s my campsite. Can you see the van in the bottom right?


A Couple of Misc. Photos

Study Butte, Texas


Right now I am between the national park and the state park having a real breakfast at a funky truck stop. Before I leave here are a few miscellaneous photos that I have not published yet.

Don’t you just love the patterns in the dried mud?

Another view of Santa Elena and the Rio Grande River

The starburst really adds to this scene. No photoshop used

Thanks for looking at my photos. I may be out of communication for the next few day, or I might not?