Thank You

Olympia, WA


To everyone who has been following our blog I just would like to say thank you. It has been fun and sometimes an education to hear your comments. As a photographer I really enjoy getting the best out of my work, and having the blog is a great way to get my passion for travel and photography out there

Thanks for following along.

Until the next trip! Maybe Alaska?

This is How it All Ends

Hoquiam, WA

Econo Lodge Hotel


So this is how it all ends. Eating fried chicken, drinking wine from a single Copa, and watching the Emmies on TV. Today’s at the Ocean City Campground we awoke to a driving rain, but more importantly a leaky styrofoam cooler which put a generous helping of water all over our packs.

We spring into action leaving to go first for breakfast, a coin laundry and then onto a motel. It has been a great trip which we have enjoyed throughly. In 3 short weeks we managed to see most of the highlights of Washington.

Watching the Emmies on TV

Our lovely campsite before the cooler catastrophe.

That’s alright. We thought that we would finish up our trip by camping on the beach, but instead it was a 15 minute walk to the beach with cars driving donuts on it, and groups of horse back riders galloping along the shore while reading their iPhones. Not the experience we were going for, but still an experience.

All in all it was a GREAT trip. Maybe we will do the same on Alaska next time?

It’s a Rainforest with a Beautiful Lake

Quinault Rainforest


This one is a lot different then the Hoh Rainforest. For one it is a lot drier, with less moss and more waterfalls.

Can you beat this 100 foot waterfall?

There is even a great looking walk through the moss covered maple trees.

Here is an old truck just begging to be photographed !

This old farmhouse is in the middle of the National Forest.

Before we arrived at the park we visited one of the Beaches–1,2,3 or maybe 4, I can’t remember but I love this image of Kim crawling around on the rocks.

Now it is back to the beach for 2 nights and then home.

Back to the Rainforest

Kalaloch Campground


We have been staying at the beachside campground called Kalaloch. For you all looking for it on the map is on the Olympic Peninsula just north of Beach 2, and just south of Beach 3. I haven’t figured out where the naming imagination came from, but they were probably, like ourselves just were cold and damp and didn’t give a damn.

A little framing trickery on lovely Ruby Beach

Beach 4 was all about the rocky shore

Ruby Beach and Beach 4 were our favorites. Today we head off for another round of Rainforest camping. This time in the Quinault Rain Forest. I don’t know what to expect, except maybe more rain, but everyone say that it is lovely!