Hurray there are Monkeys


Kampong Cham, Cambodia

I took a bus back to KC. It was long, but uneventful. Once back we continued on our similar routine with Kim working during the day, and me sightseeing. One of the more interesting trips around the city was to so called Man Hill (Phnom Pros). I was told that there were monkeys there, and I was not disappointed. We Found a great tuk-tuk driver in front of the bus station. I say we, because I made the trip with an Ugandan friend of the head of mission for MSF. He was a likable fellow, and I really enjoyed hearing about his life back in Africa, but he was not a photographer and so he had little interest while I was shooting photos of the monkeys. At one point he said, “You really like da monkeys!” I tried to explains that of all the pictures I took I was hoping for just one or two great ones, but I am not sure he got it.

Finally monkeys!

Anyway, there were monkeys everywhere. Running around on the Buddhist temples, in the courtyard. In fact they surrounded me. I wished I had brought some bananas, but they seemed happy to just steal my water bottle.

By the way the temples and statues were nothing to ignore either. What a great time I had.


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