2012-10-10 A Flooded Camera Story

Here is just an interesting story for anyone who has ever flooded their DSLR.
While on a extended trip to Mexico in 2009, I fell out of a canoe with my Pentax K-10 and a Tamaron 18 to 200mm lens. I did all of the right things to try and save the camera, but to no avail. By the way the SanDisk 8G card was fine and I was able to retrieve all of my images.

When I returned to the states, I sent it off to Pentax for an estimate. It was out of warranty, but several weeks later they gave me a quote of $276.00. I said OK, but 3 weeks later when they shipped it back, they enclosed a note that said it was “not repairable.” No other explanation was offered. Thanks Pentax, for letting me know! I now had a very nice bookend!

So I bought a K-20, which 3 years later, after a month long trip to the Suriname jungle, started acting erratically. With 1 month left on the warranty I sent I back to Pentax for repairs. Expecting the worst and not being able to wait, I bought a K-5. To my surprise they completely rebuilt my K-20 and shipped it back. I later sold it with the help of the Pentax Forum. Thanks!

Just for grins, I loaded a freshly charged aftermarket battery in my K-10, and surprise surprise it worked. It still has a little trouble on auto focus, and the flash appears to not be working, but I have tested it extensively, and it takes great pictures. In fact, I have even won a couple of contests with the pictures I have taken with it!
Moral of this story, if it has one, is never give up on your Pentax DSLR

Here is even one of my award winning photos called “Playing for Money” shot with an not repairable Pentax K-10.


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