We Almost on Our Way to Yellowstone National Park


Pipe Creek, TX

All ready to go.

Hey wait a minute. I thought that we were supposed to be on the road to Yellowstone by now? What are we still doing in Pipe Creek? We had a slow start this morning, but finally we were on the road by 1:00 PM. And boy was it hot! Still we loaded up everything that we would need for the next 2 months, and a few thing that we wanted to bring, but will probably will never use. Anyway, we almost made it to Boerne–that’s a little more than 12 miles away–until Kim said, ” It’s a good thing that it’s not Labor Day weekend.” I glanced at the date on my watch and replied, Oh, f–k me, it IS Labor Day Weekend! I didn’t make any camping reservations. We will never get a spot.”

Kim enjoying the AC after a long drive.

She assured me that it wasn’t because she had bought her new hiking boots last weekend at REI’s Labor Day Sale, but of course, after checking with Siri on her iPhone we found that it was indeed a holiday. So what else could we do, but head on back to the house and leave perhaps on Sunday. “Oh well,” she groaned, “at least the house is clean.”

So now we sit listening to music and drinking a glass of wine. That’s kinda like a holiday, except that’s pretty much what we do almost everyday at 3:30!


2 responses to “We Almost on Our Way to Yellowstone National Park

  1. I guess I’m the slowpoke of the bunch. I don’t plan to leave until Sept 18th, but I think the three weeks I have planned will be enough to accomplish the goals I have set. Only time will tell, and I leave it all in God’s hands to guide and protect both me and my friends on this journey into the frozen north…

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