Palo Duro Canyon and North Westward ho!

Sugarite Canyon State Park


For many years I have wanted to go to Palo Duro Canyon, but it is just not on the way to anything that I wanted to visit. When I saw that we could get an almost direct route to Yellowstone, I jumped at the chance. It did not disappoint! We found the only shady campsite. At almost a 100 degrees in the middle of the day it was much appreciated. When they say to take a gallon of water per person on a hike they are not kidding. Mercifully, it was cloudy in the early morning which made for some fairly comfortable hiking and some great photography. You be the judge. Here are some examples below.

Kim setting out on our first hike

What a view!

It's hard to take a bad picture here.

For our next stop we had planned on going to Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado, but fell short by a couple of hours travel time. Instead we stopped at Sugarite Canyon State Park. At 6500 feet it was somewhat of a relief after the desert heat. With cool night and warm afternoons. It was so lovely that we would up spending 3 nights here also. Hey, what's the hurry anyway. Here are a couple samples of our exploratory car trip in the early morning fog.

What beautiful foggy morning

Wild flowers in the fog.


2 responses to “Palo Duro Canyon and North Westward ho!

  1. Great images in Palo Duro. Like you, I have said for a long time that I really want to go there, but just haven’t done it. Maybe this winter with a little snow on the ground….
    Everything is coming together here so I should be hitting the road for Yellowstone on Friday, the 18th. I’ll be going a different route though – cutting across Texas to Albuquerque, then on up to Grand Teton for four days. Then, God willing, I’ll meet you in West Yellowstone on the 27th.

  2. Sorry, just catching up on your posts-Wow! Some lovely colors and Mist!!! lucky you. I’m going to have to figure out how to get your posts to ding, like Kim’s do for me. Have fun!

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