We’re in a KOA?

Gunnison National Forest


We are in one of the most beautiful places in the United States, so with all of this gorgeous national forest around us why are we in a KOA? Believe it or not we just couldn't find a camping spot before the end of a long travel day.

The view on our right

The brakes are still not right. We found that out when going over some 10,000 foot plus over passes. The truck did great on the uphill part, but on the downhill we found the breaks were overheating. Fortunately, we used 2nd Gear and all worked out OK. We will just add this to our to do list for Salt Lake City.

The view on our left

This morning it is raining, so we are getting a slow start to our day. Hopefully, we can make Arches National Park by the end of the day? It's only about 5 hours away. Ops, gotta go. I smell bacon cooking.

And this is were we stayed.


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