Oh yeah, there is wifi.

For the last 3 nights Jack and I have been camping at Monument Valley The View Campground. It is inside the Navajo Tribal Park. On boy, yes does it have a view.

The view from our campsite

Unfortunately that is about all it has. No water, no electric, no shade, well, you get the idea.

We have driven the road around the valley three times now. We start off early in the morning and have the place virtually to ourselves. By 1 o'clock we are done photographing and heading back. That's when the dozens and dozens of tour buses filled with people start to descend into the valley. Great news for early risers.

What a fabulous place for photography


Here is what the tourists come for. Actually it's pretty cool huh?

Tonight is full moon. Harvest moon if I have my calendar right. Jack and I will be right on the bluff to photograph it. Probably with huge grins on our faces.

They really don't want you pooping on the monument!



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