Why are we still sitting around?

So WHY are we still sitting around on our porch and drinking beer? Don’t we have a trip to get ready for? Well, we were planning on leaving tomorrow until we actually looked at our tickets. 

“Hey, this says we leave on the 2nd, what’s today’s date?” It only took us a few minutes to figure out that today being the 30th we weren’t actually going to leave for a few days. 

Mentally springing into action we decided to go to the movies with our new found time. I now can really recommend “Hidden Figures.” One thing we don’t have a problem doing is “relaxing.”

I wonder what we will do tomorrow?

5 responses to “Why are we still sitting around?

  1. Nice shoes ;-). The porch looks inviting, ours will be covered in snow in about 4 hours… safe travels and we are looking forward to trip posts!

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