Our second full day in Bogota

It is kind of an adventure doing anything in a south of the border country. Today was no exception.  Since this was to be out last day in Bogota, we thought that we might do something touristy and interesting. We settled on The Catedral de Sal (Cathedral of Salt) which was voted by Colombians as one of the “Wonders of Columbia.”  You guessed it, it is an underground church complete with 12 stations of the cross made completely of salt!

No it was not as easy to get to as our guide book said. It never is. Walking-taxi-walking-bus-walking-getting lost many times, and we were there by noon. Boy was it worth it as you might be able to see from the photos?

The size of this structure is amazing.

Here you can see one of the angels guarding the church

They hold services here on Sunday. 

One of the many many chambers of this church.

Here is Kim photographing one of the many salt sculptures. 

Getting home was much easier as we were now experts. 

9 responses to “Our second full day in Bogota

  1. FYI, when you take a vertical picture and I open it it stays small but a horizontal picture will open full size, just sayin.

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