It’s our last day on Isla Grande!

Isla Grande, Colombia

Hotel La Cocotera

All night long the wind howled. This morning it was cloudy, and the usuallly calm surf was choppy. We swam anyway, and because of the cloudy day we were able to lay on the beach in the warm sunshine extra long.
After a nice breakfast on the windy porch Kim took up her art supplies and I took off on another hiking adventure. 

The town square–kinda.

I went through Orika, the small town. It has a town square but it was pretty sad. On the other side I came a cross an almost abandoned Aviary. The were a few birds there, and the ones that were there looked healthy, but once again there was nobody who seemed to be in charge. Just a couple of small kids hanging around. 

A few peacocks wandered the grounds.

Who pretty much ignored me. 

I followed a small path which ran thru the swamp, and was pleasantly surprised to be back  in town. It is a small island. From there it was a short trip home. And tomorrow we start on our journey back home. It will be pretty sad to leave this place. 

Here’s lookin’ at you kid.

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