We’re Here

2018-02-14 Valentines Day

We arrived here in Las Hamacas just after sunset. We “heard” that it was a beautiful sunset, but we were told not to worry that there would be others.

After dropping off our bags we headed off to the beach with our old friends Connie and Tim. You can’t believe just how beautiful it was. After turning off our flashlights the stars lit up the sky, and the crashing waves seemed to glow in the dark. We later found out that that was because there was phosphorescence in the water. Tiny organisms that glow in the dark. You could see them with each incoming rush of surf, as glowing specs of fireflies that danced around our wet feet. Wow, what a greeting!

Here is a teaser Google photo of where are place is located.

And her is Kim enjoying her early morning coffee. More to come later

4 responses to “We’re Here

  1. What a special first night for you both! And that morning coffee spot sure can’t be beat! Enjoy. We love and miss you guys!

  2. Looks gorgeous. Enjoy! We will be thinking of you in NYC this weekend with the kids, and wishing we were all on that lovely beach.

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