Just Another Day!

2018-02-17, Saturday

Days are slow here in Augustillo, Mexico. They start off slow, and they end slow. Here is Kim writing and enjoying her morning coffee on the patio.

And here is our private toilet house. It has a pretty good view too.

Later in the day we went for a walk to the next town with our friends to swim, sip a cool one and get serenaded by them at sunset.

A nice restaurant right on the beach and there you have the day. Some might call it boring, but I just call it our vacation.

Can’t wait for tomorrow.

6 responses to “Just Another Day!

  1. so cool. Are those your friends you saw in Columbia too? btw, i shared your blog pics from that trip with a Colombia woman and her boyfriend two nights ago in a french bistro in nyc. we are so fortunate to enjoy the world as a family and meet so many cool people

    • Yes it is the same couple. Connie has a place here and a friend of hers let us use one of his places for a couple of weeks. Thanks for the share, we are indeed one lucky family to have each other.

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