And now the End

2018-02-27, Tuesday

And now the trip has come to an end and we must make our way back to the “civilized” world. It was a wonderful relaxing trip filled with good friends. Some old and some new. The weather was perfect and so was the scenery. We cooked at our cabana and we went out for our meals. We walked on the beach and we took colectivos, group taxis, for longer distances. We attended 2 parties and even threw one of our own. In the end it was a great trip!

Here is Kim enjoying a nice candlelight dinner on the beach. I think it was delicious Italian pizza!

And here is a bad shot of our party at El Nido, as our cabana was called. It went on til midnight and there was lots of mezcal.

And there were lots and lots of steps everywhere.

Not very good swimming but pretty good surfing, or so I’m told.

This could have been our plane home but I think it was just a plane that doesn’t do too well so it looks like they turned it into a work of art.

And here is our Huatulco Airport complete with, what else, mezcal plants. Lot and lots of them.

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