We’re here in Oregon

2018-06-04 Monday
Medford, Oregon

We arrived safely at Don and Laurie’s (Kim’s cousins)  house outside of Medford. They took us on a fabulous walk to the top of a 5550 foot mountain in Siskiyou National Monument that over looked the beautiful valley below. When we reached to top it was a cool 55 degrees. Quite a change from the 100 degree temperatures of Texas.



Here is Kim and Don looking down into the valley





The fields were filled with wildflowers





Now we are starting to get creative!



9 responses to “We’re here in Oregon

  1. OR is so beautiful! I’ll be in Portland on June 20 and 21 – any chance you guys may be close to there?

  2. Be careful when you take pics. You don’t want them too spectacular if you get my drift. JK, click away.

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