Well I’m as happy a a pig in….

Traveling was/is always an ordeal, but after picking up my rental SUV I headed out of town. The closer I got to Zion National Park the bigger my grin. It rained all last night but I found that I was relatively comfortable sleeping in the back of the Ford Escape.

In the morning I got up to chilly, but clearing skies, and after a cup of coffee, made on my backpacking stove, I headed to the shuttle bus to take me to the first location. It was real waterfall at Emerald Pools! Because of the early hour there were only a few people there.

For there it was all up hill. Literally and figuratively.

10 responses to “Well I’m as happy a a pig in….

  1. Looks like you have some nice weather but ever changing skies. Perfect for your artistic eye. I’m going to have a beer in your honor🍻

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