Stuck at Home.

Pipe Creek, TX

For the last week or so I have been trying to figure out what to write.

At first Kim and I thought that we would just figure out ways to make this self isolation thing creative and yes, maybe even a little fun. All of my spring art shows have been canceled, which is the bulk of our income, but still we reasoned that we had enough to live simply but comfortably at our home. So we made of list of all of the activities and projects that we have been putting off. I then ran off to the store to buy the materials to complete them, including a weight bench (all of the gyms were now closed), and Kim bought extra art supplies, as her art classes were also canceled.

Weight bench just staring back at me saying, “Please use me!”

I was going to write something flippant and even funny about how we were coping with it all. Maybe even a photo of us lounging in the sun, and drinking margaritas in the afternoon. Then a few days ago we decided to take a drive in the county and walk along the Medina River in Bandera–one of our favorite places. As we walked along we came to the realization that EVERYTHING is going to change. Would the world take this do-over to make this a kinder-gentler planet, or would we slide in to tribalism and each take our own sides against the “rest?” It’s too early to tell, but I have faith in us that it will be the former.
In August of 1978 the city of Bandera got 14 inches of rain. Fifteen people died, and many of the Cyprus trees, some hundreds of years old, were swept away. Years later a local artist decided to make something beautiful out of the devastation. Below is a picture of Kim standing next to one of them.

Kim standing next to one of the Cyprus trees now made into a piece of art.

I might just keep up this blog as a way to show how we are coping, and from time to time even post a few of my arty photos. Hey, it’s not like I have anywhere else to show them now that all of my camera clubs have also been canceled. This is a time for family and friends, which is all that actually looks at this blog anyway.

Here is one of my images that I was going to show at our last camera clubs competition. I think that it might have been a winner!

So good luck to all of us. Stay strong and healthy and connected.

17 responses to “Stuck at Home.

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and arty photographs, which are all winners! Love to you and Kim. ❣️

  2. We’re working in it one day at a time. Share as you want or need to. The degree to which we keep our caring connections healthy will absolutely influence the health of everything else that is important to us. Thanks Peter for the connection

  3. Hi Pete and Kim! Love the photos–esp the wonderful truck. We are thinking of you both and of all the extended family. Great to be in touch. Love, Julie

  4. Hi Peter, Glad you and Kim are dealing with all this. Mary and I are OK too. Keep taking and showing us your pictures, please. Bill

    • Thanks for your kind comments. So happy to hear that you and Mary are ok. We all talk about you often. Both of you and your photography are missed. Kim and I are staying home and working on projects to keep our mind off of world events. Stay healthy and happy and safe.

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