Bluebonnets in the Hill Country….Again!

Somewhere in the Hill Country

So we could not reset the temptation to take yet another drive up north into the Texas Hill Country to ogle over the bluebonnets, which are just starting to go to seed. In a few weeks they will be all gone to be replaced by many other, even more colorful wildflowers. Here are a few of my favorite images from our trip.

There was no need to keep a 6 foot distance from these bluebonnets!

You just can’t take a bad photo of a flowing stream and Texas bluebonnets

I just have to show off one of my photos that won second place in the DeWitt County Shutterbug contest. It is still one of my favorite images that I took on my last trip to Utah. Its called “Framed Mountain”. You can see all of the winners by going to their Facebook page at:

Okay, I am now done showing off!

8 responses to “Bluebonnets in the Hill Country….Again!

  1. Beautiful bluebonnets and Congrats on your “Framed Mountain“ win!

    I’m miss seeing the bluebonnets “in person” this year. We always took a trip up to Willow City Loop every year.


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