We Gotta Get Outa Here

San Diego, CA
July, 1975

Returning to Chicago, it was easy for me to get a high-paying job at a prestigious architect’s office. And that is just what I did. We also got an apartment at Four Lakes Village. A very classy resort style complex complete with swmming pool and even a small ski slope. it was close to my work. Life was indeed luxurious after living in the back of our baby blue camper.

We also had a “PLAN.”

  1. Earn enough money to get back on the road. Check!
  2. Buy a motor home, as our VW bus was getting a little small for our big ideas. Check!
  3. Start a business that we could run out of the motorhome while living on the road. Check!
The Primary Source: Environmental Inventors first gig for Burroughs Computer Corporations Headquarters

Our business was called “The Primary Source: Environmental Inventors.” A pretty fancy name for a company that painted graphics on walls and ceilings or anything else. Within 3 months we were outa there and back on the road. Oh, we didn’t actually purchase the motorhome. My salary was good, but not that good, but we did manage to quickly qualify for a high interest loan.

The Curse

Finally, we were back on the road! It didn’t, however, take us too long before we could give our new mobile home a proper nickname. We called it “The Curse.” From the moment we bought it, it cursed our lives. First, it only got 6 miles to the gallon, so our money began to slip through our fingers quickly. Then, even though we bought it brand new, it immediately started falling apart.

In a month the party was over, and it was Rainy’s turn to work at our next stopping point – Reno, Nevada. She, with her interior design degree, became a Grecian Goddess at one of the casinos, and I was to drum up business for the Primary Source. Between the two of us we were just successful enough to “get outa there” and head to San Diego. Again, it was my time to work. I got a job aa a reinforced steel designer, and Rainy was to try and get us some painting gigs and we were just successful enough to know that we had made a mistake, and it was time to come up with a new “PLAN.”

The “curse is gone. Meet our new pickup truck camper

We sold the curse, got a dog, and bought an old pickup truck with a camper. For 3 months we travelled through California, Oregon, and Washington. By that following July we were — can you believe it, because I can’t — running low on funds! Once again, it was time to head back to Chicago and begin working on a “NEW PLAN.”

Rainy with Yosemite’s Half Dome in the distance thinking of a NEW PLAN

12 responses to “We Gotta Get Outa Here

  1. That was such a nice apartment. I still remember being your maid there. At least i got to see you. A very interesting time indeed!!!

    • That camper had everything. I was truly a dream. 50 gallons of water, 25 gallons of sewage, 3 gas tanks, dual shocks, etc., but it had one fault that I found when I drove it up to Glacier Point in Yosemite—the axel. I was a beast with only a half ton axel. And it broke leaving us stranded in the valley for 2 weeks while we waited for a replacement. Still we really enjoyed it. You’ll see in the next story what we traded it in for. My favorite of all. Thanks for the reply,Peter peterflorczak@gmail.comwww.peterflorczak.com From: PeterFlorczak's BlogSent: Saturday, August 15, 2020 10:44 AMTo: peterflorczak@gmail.comSubject: [PeterFlorczak’s Blog] Comment: "We Gotta Get Outa Here" 

  2. Pinky and I have been following your blog and it is YOU. You were and are so right that one needs to enjoy the journey. The trip ends sooner than you might think. Looking forward to more of your journey.John R.

    • Thanks John. I have had fun scanning in my old negatives and piecing together the story that is my life. Sorry that I didn’t get to talk to you at the club meeting. Stay safe and well and give my love to Pinky. Thanks,Peter peterflorczak@gmail.comwww.peterflorczak.com From: PeterFlorczak's BlogSent: Saturday, August 15, 2020 6:03 PMTo: peterflorczak@gmail.comSubject: [PeterFlorczak’s Blog] Comment: "We Gotta Get Outa Here" 

  3. I’m getting pieces I forgot or don’t remember in your stories (our lifelong chats). Fun to hear how you two jumped around figuring it out. These are great pictures too! Are these ones you’ve been scanning?

    • There certainly was a lot o jumping around trying to figure out what we wanted to be when we grew up. I have been scanning them and trying my best to clean them up. As you will see in the next section all of my great photos got lost in the mail, so all of these are the rejects that I threw away and my dad kept.

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