Back Home

Pipe creek, TX

Why have we come home so early? Circumstances just all led this way.
First, as I already said it was hot-hot during the day. The flies, of which there were thousands had now begun to bite.

Kim reading her book in-between bug bites.

All of that we could have put up with, because the mornings and the evenings were glorious, but then as we sat hot and sweaty staring out at the mountains, three cars pulled up in the campsite directly across the way and out popped some very young ladies. Immediately, in unison, they all put on their pointy witches hats. Because of the dry conditions, open fires were not allowed. They must have done their homework, because one of them pulled out a huge propane tank and a portable fireplace. We had begun to expect a pretty rowdy night, and we were mow debating on how to best handle it. Kim suggested that she had brought along her earplugs, and I always had my music player. That’s when 4 cars full of teenagers pulled into the campsite right next to us. “Oh, oh!”, Kim said, and just like that we knew that this trip was indeed done! We packed up and began our 5 hour trip to San Angelo and then 3 hours to home.

There is Kim painting the cave.
And there is Kim again on one of our many walks.

It was a wonderful trip filled with photos and paintings, walks and bike rides. Hey, I need to finish up blogging my life’s story anyway.

There were beautiful views everywhere you looked

5 responses to “Back Home

  1. The pictures you got were of some spectacular views. But i would have left when the flys came and then called all there friends and said they found fresh meat. I’m sure the youngins got pretty loud too, like we would have at there age. Time to go home.
    Talk soon ❤️ And happy your safe

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