On our way to Big Bend Ranch State Park

Amistad Reservoir Park
We drove the short 3 hour drive in the record time of about 6 hours, and so we arrived at our lovely camping spot along Lake Amistad. We now have our dog Nikki who is an extra addition to our family, and she required extra stops something we are only to happy to accommodate.

Ah, a girl and her dog on an adventure

It is a first come first served kinda camping spot so we didn’t want to arrive to late and find all of the spots already taken.
It was a mellow drive and a mellow evening for our first night in a realitively new popup.

Night falls in Amestad

The next morning we woke up to some dense fog that made for some spectacular views especially of the Pecos River Bridge.

Pecos River in the fog

Tomorrow we should be in Big Bend Ranch State Park!

5 responses to “On our way to Big Bend Ranch State Park

  1. Love the photo of Kim and your beautiful pup! Looks like better weather than the stuff you’ve been dealing with. Have a great trip!

  2. Looks like good weather and Nikki must love it. Those bridges sure make me think drone! 😉

    Hope you have fun!

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