First Night Camping

Starved Rock State Park, Illinois


Well it too me a while to get back on the road, here but it looks like the wait was worth it. Starved Rick State Park has 18 canyons. Many of which have natural waterfalls. Just an FYI it has over 2 million visitors annually!

Here is the first one that I visited called French Canyon

The bummer is that it is really hot and humid. I was looking forward to snuggling up in the back of my Chevy to 50’s, but I got 90’s instead. I do have one of the more shady camping spots but apparently the trees in the part of the world don’t believe in “large leaves.”

The sun shines right through the trees thin canopy.

Still I am not complaining, just pointing out the facts. Tomorrow, I am hoping to get up very early and start hiking and photography some the other canyons

My new (old) 4 wheel drive ride.

12 responses to “First Night Camping

  1. Are you copying me with that BLACK vehicle? I believe my parents went to starved rock for their honeymoon. Pretty cool beginning, Peter.

  2. Nice wheels! Heat and humidity! Whenever I visit my hometown in the Quad Cities I am compelled to ask how people can stand to live there.

  3. Starved Rock was a very popular hangout in by day. My niece used to live nearby in Oglesby. Enjoy your trip through my old stomping grounds. Are you going to Southern Illinois. Great campgrounds down there as well.

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