So Many Places, so……

Daisy State Park, Arkansas


That’s me trying to hold up my end of Elephant Rocks State Park
Apparently there are no “words” to describe Missouri highways ?

Here are just a few random photos from my trip. It seems that there is good cell service until I decide to post.

Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park, MO was a pleasant place to camp and photograph the many cascades or as they call them in Missouri Shut-ins
One of my favorite places from the trip was the North Fork Campground in the Mark Twain National Forest.

I absolutely loved my time at the North Fork Campground. It was $5, and only one other camper. I had a great site right on the rushing river. What a view! A short 1/2 mile hike was the natural spring which bubbled up with enough force to give a great massage I do wish the water had been a tad warmer, as it was a little hard to relax and enjoy the massage in the 50 degree temperature!

I will take away a lot of memories from that place as it is kinda hard to forget the good case of chiggers that I also brought away with me. Still it is on my bucket list of places to return to. Maybe next time I’ll bring a wet suit and use some repellent when hiking in the forest.

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