A Foggy Day in Augustinillo

2018-02-18, Sunday

It started out to be another perfectly perfect day. In the morning, I went for a walk on the beach to take some photos. It was partly cloudy but otherwise beautiful.

Later, I walked into the town of Mazunte for breakfast. Again, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

Back at our house in Las Hamacas, as Kim and I made preparation to go to dinner, she said, ” Look at all of the fog starting to role up the hill!” Once down on the beach, it was transformed into a foggy wonderland.

Tourists and locals alike came down, to play and just marvel at the incredibly dense fog.

We sat on the beach drinking a beer until it got dark and then walked into town for dinner.

Good day!!!

Just Another Day!

2018-02-17, Saturday

Days are slow here in Augustillo, Mexico. They start off slow, and they end slow. Here is Kim writing and enjoying her morning coffee on the patio.

And here is our private toilet house. It has a pretty good view too.

Later in the day we went for a walk to the next town with our friends to swim, sip a cool one and get serenaded by them at sunset.

A nice restaurant right on the beach and there you have the day. Some might call it boring, but I just call it our vacation.

Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Third or Fourth Day?

2018-02-16, Friday

I am going to have to stop counting days as I just seem to lose track of them, and after all isn’t that the point? The important date is the one when our plane leaves for the US. Wouldn’t want to miss that one, or would I?

It is a lot of fun just walking up the beach and photographing whatever. There are a few nice hotels here, but most of them are in various states of decay.

New and old construction merges here so that you can’t tell which building is coming or going. Still it makes for some interesting shots.

We kind of over did the walking thing yesterday. There are a lot of stairs, and inclines to navigate. The soft sand can be another test on the calf’s, so this morning we took the time off to just relax at our room. We were then treated to this big fellow giving is a welcoming pose.

Third day


What a wonderful place this is. This morning I got up early and hiked over the hill to some no-name beach ( i am sure that it has one I just don’t know it) to photograph the sunrise. I had the entire beach to myself for about the first 2 hours until, when I was taking a break, sitting in the sand just staring out to sea, when a topless beauty just walked by.

Pretty great second day. And no I did not take her picture so you will just have to believe me, but here are a couple that I did take which are almost a spectacular!.

Later when back at the ranch and having a cup of coffee this interesting bird just posed as if to say please take my picture.