It’s all about the Lighthouses!

Bullards Beach State Park


I know that it sounds silly, but I really came to the coast of Oregon with one purpose in mind, to photograph driftwood on the beach. It has been over 40 years since I have been here and that is the one memory that I have from my short time in Oregon. So it was a surprise to find so many interesting lighthouses.

Coquille River Lighthouse It right here in the Bullards Beach State Park. Reflection is really no more than a mud puddle.

And here is the Cape Blanco Lighthouse. We took a tour of this one it was only $2!

See that tiny little light house in the distance. That’s Cape Arago Lighthouse. It is now in private ownership, and that’s as close as you can get to it.

Remember I said driftwood. There is no shortage of it. I think that I will have some fun getting down on the beach for some photo ops. I post some arty ones later.

Some Really Big Trees

Jeremiah Redwoods State Park, California


A few days ago we landed on the Oregon coast. Oh my, was it beautiful! We took a small detour to the California /Oregon border to visit the giant redwood trees.

You need a person in the photo to get a true idea of their size. Here Kim obliges.

The trees and the ferns were amazing.

This is spring on the coast, and the flowers were in full bloom.

We returned to our campsite just in time for the sunset.

In the morning we could see the full majesty of the Oregon coast.

Tomorrow we will head further north to see what surprises nature has in store for us.

Crater Lake, Oregon

Harris Beach State Park

2018-06-08 Friday

It’s been a few day ago that we visited Crater Lake, but the memory is still very fresh. Walking up to the edge is like coming upon one of the great wonders of the world. You just can’t believe your eyes.

What a view!

And yes there was still snow in June.

You know me I just can’t help myself from posting an artsy shot of the lake.

This is the “mid-sized ” car that we rented. Everything just barely fit I hope that there is room for us? Thanks Budget Car Rental!

And here we are at Harris Beach State Park along the coast in Oregon. Cute tent, huh? We are trying a fly, rent a car and camp vacation. I’ll let you know how it works.

We’re here in Oregon

2018-06-04 Monday
Medford, Oregon

We arrived safely at Don and Laurie’s (Kim’s cousins)  house outside of Medford. They took us on a fabulous walk to the top of a 5550 foot mountain in Siskiyou National Monument that over looked the beautiful valley below. When we reached to top it was a cool 55 degrees. Quite a change from the 100 degree temperatures of Texas.



Here is Kim and Don looking down into the valley





The fields were filled with wildflowers





Now we are starting to get creative!