All Good Things Must Come to an End

Big Bend National Park
Río Grande Campground
I am finally retiring my Giant John Tomac Team Edition mountain bike. It was given to me by my nephew Derek over 15 years ago and I have had many many happy memories riding it in some of the most remote parts of the US, but all good things must come to an end.

Giant John Tomac Team Edition Mountain Bike

Kim helped a lady put her life back together. She had a stroke over a year ago and Kim was indeed her angle of mercy. For the very small part that I played in helping, I was given her son’s , who passed away several years ago, his KHS XC-20 mountain bike. If I have half the fun I had on Giant I will be one happy camper.


2022 on Our Way to Big Bend. What, again?

Kim and I, and our new friend Nikki are off to an other adventure in Big Bend National Park. “What,” you ask, “weren’t you just there last year. “ Yes, we have been there more times than I can count on two hands, but we just love this place. Hopefully I we be able to post some incredible photos, and Kim will be able to paint some incredible landscapes, and Nikki, well I think that she will just be happy to be with us.