I Could Get Used to This Life

Caddo Lake State Park


This will be my last day at Caddo. I had a wonderful morning paddling around for almost 3 hours. An hour was spent going out to the river, and rowing up it while just enjoying all of the new home construction going on. You wouldn’t even know that there was an economic catastrophe going on. Seems like this financial epidemic, as usual, is really only affecting poor people.

I just can’t get enough of photographing these majestic cypress tress.

On the way back to my campsite I stopped to photograph a white heron. He was trying to fish, but some gringo kept taking his picture.

Ordinary yes, but still majestic!
I see ART.

I thought that I would finish off this post with a photograph that I took on my first day here. I was out in the kayak and it began to rain crazy like. I just laid back, the inflatable is really comfortable, and let the cool rain wash over my sweat soaked body. It was a great start to a wonderful time here.

Surprise surprise, It’s raining in the bayou.