2020-10-07 Palo Duro Canyon

So after a couple of days of camping at the bottom of the second largest canyon in North America there are a couple of things that I now know.

It can be terrifically cold in the morning, and it can be blazingly hot in the afternoon. Get your exercise, be it walk, hike or bike ride, in in the morning, and either try to rest in the afternoon, or just take a long air conditioned ride. Another good thing to do is spend a good amount of time at the visitor center. There there are bad movies of the exploits of our ancestors to watch to maybe kill an hour or so. Smart, huh?
But seriously, it is a magical place with beauty every where you look. Wildlife just comes right up to you making it pretty easy to get a good photo of them

Longhorn. That’s Texas wildlife?

Kim and I took a walk to the Lighthouse. Probably the most famous of all walks here. It’s about a6 mile round trip. Not too bad in the morning, but the afternoon heat can make it a lot more challenging.

And of course the dark night sky always makes for some spectacular photography.

It’s a real nice treat to be here.