2015 Were Going to Costa Rica…Oh, yeah!

Pipe Creek, TX


There is just a few weeks left until our departure for Costa Rica. Well wait, let me clarify that. I am going to Costa Rica. Kim will follow 3 days later. Don't ask how that happened. So I will have two nights to bachelor it in Liberia. No not Liberia Africa. That's Liberia Costa Rica.wait Wait didn't Kim just get back from Liberia Africa? I think she did. Is that a coincidence? Are there really any coincidences in this big universe of ours? I better stop this because I am confusing myself.

The bottom line is that we are in the planning stage for taking out winter adventure. Oh Yeah, baby!

Here we are in our Liberia (African) garb


Pipe Creek, Texas


This is a shot of Kim trying to learn something BEFORE our trip


I have a little more than a week before I leave. I am finished filling orders, oh, I guess that I have one more to fill, but then I am free to start packing. Perhaps I will get all of my packing done early and then we can maybe even go to the movies? Hey, I wonder if they have a movie theater in Liberia, Costa Rica? Pues, vamos a ver! That's me, trying to speak Spanish. It has been a while. I have even downloaded an APP for that. Soon we will see just how rusty my “street Spanish” has become.


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