Yuk, Shopping! Again?


Still in Pipe Creek, TX


Today was kind of a marathon day here in Pipe Creek. “What AM I going to wear on the plane to Costa Rica?” You can't wear warm clothes, because it is 91 degrees in Costa Rica, and that would mean that I would just have to carry around all those heavy clothes until I return. And you just can't wear summer clothes because the plane is usually freezing. So I usually settle on just some kind of layered clothing that I can take on and off as needed.


Today I started to pack, only to find out that all of the clothes that Kim and I so carefully bought at Outdoor World did not fit. They were too long, or to tight or…. So off I went. Back to the store to exchange and purchase new, and hopefully, better fitting clothing. Probably my least favorite thing to do, but now it is done.

One good thing was that Kim gave me a fabulous tropicals hurt styled haircut. So now I am ready to go. Wait, I better see if it all fits in my bag!

My new tropical haircut


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