We are on our way home


February 25, 2015
Playa Nosara, Costa Rica

Surfing into the sunset

That's it! Today we catch a taxi to take us to the Airport Hilton. Don't ask how we can go from virtually camping at Palo Verde to the Hilton. None the less we are beginning our journey that we take us back to Pipe Creek, Texas.

It has been a most unusual trip for us. There have been some real highs, and although there certainly have been lows, we have tried our best not to let it get us down. After all we are on vacation.

In the last few days we have had some wonderful bonding time with Leslianna, John and Paige, as well as Stacey who is Leslianna's best friends. We have had some very nice trips to the beach for sunrise and sunset as well as some nice meals in between. They are all what you would call “foodies”. They love to talk about food stories before and after meals. That has just never been me, still I have genuinely enjoyed the comrodery and the laughter along with them. What a nice bunch of people!

Kim and the group walking up the beach at high tide for dinner

Wow, here are a few photos from the last few days.


Being entertained by a blowhole

Leslianna practicing her moves.


Is she happy, or what?


John and Paige happy, happy happy!


A really good looking crowd waiting for dinner


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