Wow and Wow again!

Grand Tetons National Park


Here is the classic view point

Is this place incredible or what? It could not be more beautiful if I had created this place myself. The day after we arrived I was lucky enough to take a ride around the park with my good friend and photo buddy from Texas, Jack. We drove and stopped everywhere. When got to shoot moose in a couple of different locations, and a coyote who just wanted to be the center of attraction.

A lonely bull moose wandering around.

What you don't see is the 25 people taking a picture of this moose!

We stopped at so many beautiful spots that it was hard picking out just a few photos to post. Hopefully, you will enjoy some of them?

Tetons thru a old farm fence

The next day I traveled around the park with my lovely companion and long time wife, Kim. That ride had a different rhythm. A slower more wandering around pace that still managed to result in some terrific shots. There just is no bad way to travel around this park.

Jenny Lake



8 responses to “Wow and Wow again!

  1. My gosh – these photos are so beautiful – i hope you will put them all together in a slide show. When are you guys heading home?

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