Just a couple of more days in Grand Teton National Park

Colter Bay Campground


Sunset at Oxbow Bend

These are the last days of our stay in Grand Tetons before we head up to Yellowstone. Everyday has been a wonderful surprise. I got to travel around the park with Jack, a friend of mine from the San Antonio Camera Club. Then my wife Kim and I traveled almost exactly the same route, but it had a totally different, yet no less adventure filled feel. Then last night, Kim and I met up with Dick, another friend from the camera club. We had a nice dinner at the Colter Bay Restaurant, and then we were off to get the sunset at the iconic Oxbow Bend turnout.

Jack is just a little obsessed with capturing the perfect shot of a bear. So when I saw this stuffed bear exhibit where the park Rangers were demonstrating the right way to use bear spray, I took the picture below to tease him. Little did I know that he had already captured a great shot of a grizzly bear in Yellowstone. You can check him out at https://smithsuncommonadventures.wordpress.com.

Here is my teaser for Jack


Ft there is beauty everywhere


5 responses to “Just a couple of more days in Grand Teton National Park

    • Sorry that I can recommend any tutorials. I use Lightroom to process my photos. Sometime a little photoshop, but usually not. I then export them in Lightroom using a setting of about 500kb, and then email them to myself. I receive the email on my ipad where I save them to my pictures. I then use a program called Blogsy to actually post them.
      If I happen to use a photo that I take using my iPhone, I use a free program called Snapseed to process the photos. It is a terrific program.
      Good luck on your photo journey.

  1. Enjoyed your great shots. I’m so glad you enjoyed the Grand Tetons. It is a site not to be missed by anyone! Stay safe on your journey!

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