Another Perfect Day in Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park

Buffalo Crossing Campground


I could live like this.

Yesterday Dick, Jack and I set out for an early morning adventure to find wildlife. The manager of the RV park where we were staying told us about a place called Earthquake Lake, which was outside the park, where we might be able to photograph Big Horn Sheep. It was so cold and windy that once we got to the spot, we all scurried back to the warmth of the car.

Abandoned ranch

The vies were fantastic.

Then we just wandered around for about 4 hours through the beautiful countryside. We got to photograph old abandoned ranches, exotic cattle, a coyote and some nice deer, but mostly it was all about the comrodery and the hunt.

What great photogenic cattle.

When we got home we had a great lunch at an ice cream palor, rested for a while, and then went back to the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, which is just walking distance from out camp. We all got some terrific shots of the animals and returned home for another rest.

A wolf resting but keeping an eye on me.

A grizzly on the hunt for food.

Later that night we went over to the PSA conference, and watched a dynamic presentation by one of the premier photographers in the world–Art Wolf.

Nice, nice day!


3 responses to “Another Perfect Day in Yellowstone

  1. And your lovely wife washed and folded your laundry! But she also found time to photogrqph the beautiful white wolf as well and spend time thinking about how rich this trip has been for all of us! Memories and pictures of a lifetime.

  2. i’m getting goosebumps reading these posts and looking at these photos! They are so incredible. You MUST put together a slide show when you get home and share them with everyone. Now i really want to get our RV and make our way out to this goregeous area of the country.

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