Our Last Day in Grand Tetons National Park

Grand Tetons National Park

Grosse Venice Campground


Black bear feeding on elk

First I need to publish a photo that was taken several days ago of a bear feeding on an elk carcass. What a thrill. And it was one in which we were detained by park police for getting too close to. Fortunately, we were let go with a warning. In our defence there were no visible signs, that the park service usually puts up to keep people from disturbing the wildlife. We were a good distance away (I had to use a 750 mm lens), and from how comfortable the black bear was in sleeping on his kill, I didn't think we disturbed him too much!

Beaver posing

This is our last day in the park. The campground closes at 11:00 am. It's 7 am, and Kim and I are still drinking our coffee and trying to warm up before starting to pack up. It's 40 degrees outside. Much warmer than the 29 degrees in Yellowstone, still we are looking forward to heading south.

Bison posing

Yesterday, Jack and I headed off for another marathon photo shoot. It was successful in all of the ways that we hadn't planned. For example, we headed off down a gravel road hoping to find a dead carcass with a bear feeding on it, and instead we found a beaver sunning himself on the river bank.

Swan Lake without the swans

Were looking for a bald eagle nest, but instead we found a moose mother and her calf feeding in a swampy area.

Jack posing

We tried just filming some old farmhouses, and to get the added treat of a large bison posing in front of them.

We took a 3 mile hike hoping to catch a moose at Swan Lake, but instead found the most unusual looking lake filled with dead yellowish plants covering almost the entire surface.

What a great ending is to a super stay in two of the finest national parks in the US.


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