Driving, driving and more driving

KOA Campground

Rawlins, WY


We finally landed on a campground at about 4 pm. We only stopped a few times just to take care of the necessities. I didn't even take one picture, but it struck me that I have not posted any pictures from when Kim and I took our drive around the park. It had a very different rhythm than when I move around with “the boys,” but we managed to have a wonderful time and captured some amazing photos.

Let me show you some of them, and you be the judge!

First up is the obligatory photo a a bull moose. Nice, huh?


Then there is the waterfall. We saw so many I am not sure where this one is?


Getting ready to hike to the Artists Paint Pots.


Closeup of the Paint Pots. By the way, that's us.

So, hopefully you enjoyed coming along on a Kim and Peter adventure? I know I enjoyed the day. Tomorrow we do more driving as we head into the mountains to a place called Kremmling, WY, where I think there will be a pretty nice camp ground. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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