We’re Leaving for Sand Dunes National Park

Arrowhead Point Campground

Between Twin Lakes and Buena Vista, CO


A nice start to the day.

Yesterday, we had a great day. It started off with a fabulous sunrise and then it just went uphill from there. Both literally and figuratively.

Kim on the road

After a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs…yum yum… we headed off for Buena Vista, which is about 12 miles from here. We were looking for the river park, but instead turned the wrong way and started to climb up one of the mountains. The road was magnificently covered in aspens whose leaves were changing to a vivid yellow. What a contrast it was to their white bark.

Aspens everywhere.

The road followed a rushing river, and ended at a small alpine lake. We were at about 10.000 feet, and the mountains towered above us. There were dozens of 12,000 foot plus mountains that surrounded us. We walked around taking one beautiful photo after another.

Kim trying to get a new angle on the beautiful aspens.

A real alpine lake!

Back at town we found the river park. It had the rushing Arkansas River running right through it. It was so picturesque that it almost made you cry with it's beauty. We sat on the rivers edge and ate our lunch.

This river runs through town.

we drove home and took a late afternoon nap. Another great day!

8 responses to “We’re Leaving for Sand Dunes National Park

  1. Kim,
    You won’t believe I did the same thing of laying on my back last year taking pictures up through the aspens into the sunlight. Great minds think alike!!!

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