Not Driving, just enjoying the view

Arrowhead Point Campground

Between Twin Lakes and Buena Vista, CO


We did a marathon drive yesterday, so today we get to reap the rewards of staying 2 nights in a beautiful place. There really isn't anything around us except 14,000 foot mountains, a beautiful river and a very big Sky.

And not one of them hit the car.

We did have a small traffic delay when a cattle drive came right through our country road.

Oh no, not another moose shot!

So far I haven't taken many pictures so, guess what, I am going to post a few more of my favorites from Grand Tetons. Just skip this post if you are bored with them

This beaver was just too cute.


Getting a photo of this Magpie was on my bucket list. Check!


Where else can you almost ski right into town, but Jackson Hole?


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