Land of the Alternative Life Style

Taos, New Mexico

Kim's friends house


We are staying In front of one of Kim's friends from high school. This is a neighborhood about 30 miles outside of Taos New Mexico. It would be an understatement to say that this is a alternative neighborhood. There are no electric lines here on the Mesa, so either you do without, or you have solar panels that charge a bank of batteries. Of course we are right at home having our own battery in our popup which runs our lights and charges our multitude of electronics.

You can see our little popup in the distance.

Most of the houses are built of adobe, and they are in a constant state of either being built, repaired or remodeled. There are building material piles everywhere. Some of the houses have a “stopped in time” feeling as they have been abandoned for either financial reasons or, one can only guess why.

There is Some beautiful sculptured Adobe work

Abandoned? Half built? What's the story? Where are the owners?

Fortunately, it has not been too cold, although this morning it was hovering around freezing. Our little propane heater can only raise the temperature inside by about 15 degrees. You do the math. Living in a cloth house in the north does have it's downside.

An abandoned building.

An old adobe church, set. Francis of Assisi, with birds lining the parapets


We are off in the morning having spend 3 wonderful nights here. What great unexpected adventures we have had.


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