Movin’ On Down to the Warmth

Bottomless Lakes State Park

New Mexico


Interesting sounding state park name, huh? We just got here last night so there are no photos of this place yet, but the one thing that I can tell you is that it is warmer. Last night, for the first time in almost 2 months on the road, we didn't need to use our winter sleeping bags. Yeah! It feels good to be back to the warmth.

A really nice built in display area made with adobe.

Kim's friends house outside of Taos was just filled with A lifetime of collected beauty. Everywhere you turned, including the bathroom, was an artistic wonderland, so I just had to post a few more pictures of it.

Now this is a bathroom I could get into.

That was in stark contrast to the lower planes below her house, which was filled with every imaginable type of alternative lifestyle. Some looked like it was not working too well, like this abandoned restaurant.

A good idea for a restaurant?

We took a trip to Taos to visit the Pueblo Villiage just outside of town. It had an interesting configuration of “typical” Pueblo Indian style homes around a central dirt courtyard. Unfortunately, most of the lower homes had been turned into stores, so it was like an ancient shopping center that cost $14 to get into. Hey, I guess everyone has to make a living. Still, if you were selective I your focus, it made for some great photo ops!

If you squint you can hardly see the shops.

A long shot of the Pueblo Villiage

My artistic rendition of a Pueblo House.


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