Yes, We are Three Hours from Home

San Angelo State Park, Texas


We are in fact about 3 hours from home, but we had to give it up at about 4 PM. It just didn't make any sense to press on. Tomorrow will be another day.

What a great sunrise treated up.

We had a fabulous two days at Bottomless Lakes State Park in Mew Mexico. There were a couple of nice walks, and a really fine long bike ride. We visited all of the bottomless lakes, both big and small. They really were a type of cenote, similar to what I had seen in Yucatan, Mexico. It looks like the limestone had just given way, caved in and made some large sinkholes filled with water right in the middle of the desert.

Just a little too far down to swim in.

Each cenote was totally unique.

The campsite was nice, and for a change economical at just $12.00 per night. There were hot showers, although they were way to hot for my taste, and the needle jet nozzles made sure that it was a short painful shower. Short because you had to press a button, which gave you water for only about 30 seconds. Still we were grateful to be clean.

Kim standing at one of the lakes.

Tomorrow we will be home and can start reassembling our Pipe Creek lives.


A little friend visiting U.S. In the desert.


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