Visiting the back country in Monument Valley

This morning bright and early we met our Navajo guide Tule to take us to the back country. The company Monument Valley Safari was recommended to us by another photographer friend of ours. I was a little worried about such a pricey photo safari, but after we arrived at our first destination I was more than thrilled.

Sunrise over the back country

And then it just kept getting better and better. It was really a great morning to be a photographer.

Arches by morning light


Here is our guide for the day Tule

And here is Tile showing Jack just where to get the best angle on a shot

Good day, oh yeah, that was until Jack found that he couldn't put his car window up. So, after a 3 1/2 hour drive, we find ourselves in Moab, Utah. He got his window fixed on a Saturday. Shoot, we'll probably just have to go photograph tomorrow morning in Archs National Park! I better get to bed.

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