Today is the first day at Arches National Park

After our marathon day yesterday, we got off to a slow start this morning. I picked Jack up from his campsite at 6:30 am. Sunrise was a little after 7 and we had about an hour drive/hike to reach our first destination, but like they say, everything has a reason. When we reached North Window Arch, we hiked up and through it. Then we turned around and saw that the full moon was just so perfectly framed by the arch. What a treat. And to think, that none of this would have happened if Jacks car had not had problems, or we had not gotten up later, or…..?

North Window Arch with full moon

We spent a good amount of time hiking around the double arches. Kim and I had photographed this last year on our trip to Yellowstone, but can you really ever have too many pictures of a double stone arch with the moon peeking through?

North and South Window Arch

By then, even though it was only 9 am, we were already getting tired. Still we pressed on to hike to Double Arch, and then drove and hiked to two more. By then it was 12:30 and time to make it back to our respective campsites. Tired, but happy with hopefully a few good shots?

Double Arch


Sand Dune Arch

PS Sorry that the above image is a little cartoony. I had to use HDR ( high dynamic range) photography to get the Sand Dune Arch looking right. There was just too much contrast in it.

7 responses to “Today is the first day at Arches National Park

  1. May I just say that I am married to a really talented photographer and a very fine man as well. I feels like being there and even more, because I was there…no one should miss these amazing sights in person if it’s at all possible in their lifetimes.

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