Another Early Go at he Arches

This morning Jack and I once again got a very early start. By sunrise we were already at the furthest end of the park. Unfortunately, we still had to hike a good distance to get to the first arch. We underestimated the time it took, so we settled on the first arch we came to called “Pine Tree Arch.” It is a beauty, not quite what we were looking for, but it would have to do. There was only one other person there, so we virtually had the place ourselves.

This is the front side of Pine Tree Arch at sunrise

And this is the back of it. Nice, huh?

We then hiked even further until we came to one of the crowds favorite arches ” Landscape Arch.” We got there just before the tourists started to arrive.

Landscape Arch

We were going to hike even further up the trail, but all of the heavy gear and the early mornings had started to take a toll on us, So instead we slowly headed back to the car. We drove on to Skyline Arch. Thankfully, it was only a short hike to it.

Skyline Arch

Back in the car as we started to get out of the park we made a quick stop at the Couthouse Towers Viewpoint.


Courthouse Towers Viewpoint

Exhausted we made it back to our campsite, but instead of a rest for me I had to go do laundry

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